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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by 544nick101, Dec 16, 2012.

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    544nick101 [Owner]

    I changed the look of the site, what do you guys think?
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    10kit1! [Donator+]

    It's really cool
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    MysticalKitteh [Premium]

    Sweet! It looks awesome!
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    Cyclo332 [Donator]

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    LinkSurvivor1 [Admin]

    It. Is. Epic. As. FUUUUCK!!!!!!
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    superbob464 [VIPx]

    its epic
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    25mine [VIP+]

    i still can't get on the server -.-
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    cutecreeper101 [VIP]

    i like it, i like it
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    cutecreeper101 [VIP]

    i like it, i like it
    fuck is epic?
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    LinkSurvivor1 [Admin]

    Fucking is the way of nature! ;)
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    25mine [VIP+]

    How is it a way of nature? Nature has nothing to do with it. Except if you believe in evolution that we evolved from monkeys that shove their hands into any thing they see.
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    EmpirerBAD [Member]

    more relaxing to look at, and saves energy of the screen
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    Penguins727 [Builder]

    F****** epic meal time!
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    Calebeatspie [Owner]

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    gwenjen10 [Donator]

    It looks Sweet8-)[diamond][cake]
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    25mine [VIP+]

    I ASSURE YOU, that we did not evolve from monkeys!
    this proves it all:

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    cutecreeper101 [VIP]

    i didnt know you had a girl friend 0.o
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    25mine [VIP+]

    He doesn't.
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    544nick101 [Owner]

    Who said you needed one?
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    LinkSurvivor1 [Admin]

    I got her a heart necklace for Christmas. We kissed in the hallway in school... I forgot to take a lollipop outta my mouth so I made out with my girlfriend, IN SCHOOL, WITH A LOLLIPOP IN MY MOUTH. Good times :).