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    544nick101 [Owner]

    1.4.7 clients work on 1.4.6 servers, so go ahead and update! It's all bug fixes.
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    Magitroopa [Builder]

    Minecraft updated? Wow.. I've been so busy with homework from school and now I'm a little bit sick that I didn't even know that Minecraft updated!
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    Cyclo332 [Donator]

    What is the last update going to be when they stop updating?
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    544nick101 [Owner]

    When jeb dies?
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    Cyclo332 [Donator]

    ....... lol ThaCoDMan thinks it's going to be 2.2
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    Magitroopa [Builder]

    When the world ends? (2043 though I don't believe in it)
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    Penguins727 [Builder]

    When roblox becomes less wierd looking?
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    Penguins727 [Builder]

    I've seen ads for it and this one kid is all like roblox is way better and there was this planet minecraft post about when minecraft dies, what will happen, and i looked at the post and one guy was saying that roblox is pretty good, and i'm like wtf? How? they have derp faces on them...
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    Penguins727 [Builder]

    I just can't wait till 1.5, cause thats the big update... the redstone one, so it'll be very interesting.
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    xHecticX [Builder]

    If uve been wondering where ive been i thought nickcraft was shut down but i just found out its not :D
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    Cyclo332 [Donator]

    Remember when we saw each other in the Hunger games? Sorry I died lol.. I was sneak attacked...
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    Penguins727 [Builder]

    Oh cool.... I play on a different server with like 3 custom hunger games maps.
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    superbob464 [VIPx]

    Xhetic have we ever met
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    Penguins727 [Builder]

    I've never seen him but I've been on for but only a few months.
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    Cyclo332 [Donator]

    I saw him around june-july...
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    25mine [VIP+]

    Ive seen him since 1.8
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    Dunkymonkey10 [VIP+]

    The server is broken.
    1. after I built something it kept on unbuilding itself.
    2. the time changed from day to night and night to day rapidly.
    3. and finally, it was really hard to get on the server.
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    LinkSurvivor1 [Admin]

    I can't get on at all... I can get on all other servers fine. I have tried on both PC and Mac. I have a 15 Mbps Internet speed so I think your right Dunky. Have we been... hacked?
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    MysticalKitteh [Premium]

    OH NOSE!
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    Calebeatspie [Owner]

    Ill try to fix it

    UPDATE: i have sent a ticket to our hosters and hopefully they can find out whats wrong cause i couldn't..

    And see people if you want to add more to your post click that EDIT button.
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