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The IP didn't change, but since the current IP is already two pages back, I figured reposting it would be helpful for any newbies.
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On top of our four worlds (Survival, PvP, Creative, and Super Survival), we now have a Donator World with custom ranks! Players, Members, and Builders all cannot build in it. We used a special generator and it's covered in cities and special mineshafts and huge mountains. (Pics will be added soon)
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The server is now 1.6.2
Here is the IP;

Caleb overnight update the server to 1.6. Since its a Dev Build, please let us know what glitches you find with the build OR the plugins. Along with a new map, we have added/are adding a few features for the update. This is what we will be posting on our Planet Minecraft page when everything is ready, which sums up what we are adding.
Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 8.05.43 PM.png
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Our Google+ Community has become stale and never came up on the Announcements page, so here it is!

All you need is a Google account and to make a free Google Plus account. Then ask for membership. In the community you can post anything about the server! Upload pictures, have video chat rooms, post little threads. It is so simple to use since it combines so many ways to communicate in one package that can be accessed on a computer and mobile device.
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Minecraft 1.6 is coming out Monday, July 1st. Most likely the newest version of Bukkit for our server will come out a few days later. Unlike other releases, you can go ahead and update! The new launcher allows you to switch between older versions of Minecraft so you can fool around with 1.6 and then switch to 1.5 and come on to this server.

The non-PvP world is being reset with a new spawn, while everything else will remained unchanged. Please expect a few glitches when we do get 1.6 because some plugins may need to be updated for 1.6. If you want 1.6 now, get the prerelease from Mojang!

We are trying something new this update. The day before Bukkit updates and the map resets, he will enable Griefing and give everyone Creative in the Survival World. Please be prepared for Grief Day.

UPDATE: Minecraft 1.6 Official Pre-Release!

If you want to play 1.6 on the new launcher, you can also click on the area that says...